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Discover the Phyto-Aromatique treatments by Sisley and let yourself be carried away into an exotic and sensual world. Benefit from the unique know-how and experience of a high-tech brand that is world-renowned for using 100% natural and purest essential oils and plant extracts to offer highly effective products with the highest possible quality. The Phyto-Aromatique treatments combine massage rituals from around the world to revitalise body and mind.


In 85 unforgettable minutes, this comprehensive treatment with an advanced procedure restores your skin to function like a young skin. Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed, the epidermis is firmer, tighter, more resilient and visibly younger looking.
PamperingTime approx. 85 min . € 159.00

Youthful Energizing
This revitalising and moisturising treatment has been specially developed for young skin to treat the first signs of ageing. The skin is instantly hydrated, revitalised and re-energised. After the treatment, the complexion is fresher and more radiant.
PamperingTime approx. 85 min . € 139.00   >>> BOOKING

Intensive Hydration
This treatment draws on Sisley’s extensive anti-ageing expertise for a very special skincare experience. Concentrated active ingredients that promote water circulation in the epidermis restore the skin’s ideal water balance. As a result, the skin becomes more supple and firm and regains its radiance.
PamperingTime approx. 85 min . € 139.00   >>> BOOKING



This rich and softening treatment is designed to effectively treat dry skin. Intensively nourished and cared for, your skin regains elasticity and comfort.
PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 115.00

This treatment is designed for combination and lily skin or skin with impurities. Your skin is intensively cleansed while the moisture content is preserved. Pores are refined, skin is clarified and more even. The complexion is refreshed and more radiant.
PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 99.00

A treatment created for dehydrated skin that leaves your skin gently refreshed and soft as a petal.
PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 115.00



This treatment is a sensual journey into the heart of the precious rose, restoring your skin’s lack of radiance and under-padding. Your skin becomes smooth and supple, your complexion glows and radiant.
PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 115.00

A precious and pampering moment of relaxation, for sensitive and irritated skin. This exceptionally gentle treatment soothes your skin, provides vitality and a relaxed feeling of well-being.
PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 115.00

November 2022
Offer of the month


– intensive facial care by Sisley for the cold season –

PamperingTime approx. 30 min. . € 59.00


Facial for Men
Revitalising treatment especially for male facial skin. Provides the skin with moisture and new energy.
PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 99.00   >>> BOOKING

Make up advice
Make-up products from SISLEY combine a rich care formula with decorative properties for a perfect complexion and a stunning radiance.
PamperingTime approx. 45 min .  55.00

Bride-Make up incl. trial appointment
PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 95.00

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