Soft-Pack treatments / floating couch

Float Swing Relax WaveMOTION
A massage bench with a freely swinging reclining surface – unusual at first sight, the feeling of losing control. Floating, then letting go and diving deeply into a never before felt feeling of deep relaxation, feeling as safe as an embryo in the womb. The soothing feeling of the gentle vibrations of floating on the sea, gently rocking from the waves and enjoying a soothing massage.

The WaveMOTION treatment is inspired by techniques from the Lomi Lomi massage, Shiatsu, Thai massage, Trager treatment, techniques for loosening joints, physiotherapy and general osteopathic treatment as well as the harmonious techniques of Eyal Lederman.
PamperingTime . approx.  25 min  € 52.00   >>> BOOKING

An almost weightless state awaits you in the new SoftPack floating system. The freely floating position of the body and the targeted overheating create a perfect feeling of lightness. The active ingredients applied to the whole body are completely absorbed by the skin and ensure a long-lasting excellent skin feeling.

Our recommendation: Combine your SoftPack treatment with one of our massages or a sea salt peeling.
PamperingTime . approx.  25 min from  € 45.00

Cleopatra pack
Moisturising goat’s milk supplies your skin with important minerals and vitamins.
PamperingTime . approx.  30 min  € 45.00   >>> BOOKING

Rose blossom pack
Has a hydrating, balancing, mood-lifting and slightly refatting effect – the skin is well cared for all around – the whole body relaxes.
PamperingTime . approx.  30 min  € 45.00   >>> BOOKING

Thalasso pack seaweed detoxification
Skin caring algae extracts refine the skin texture, stimulate the metabolism and purify the skin, have a positive effect on cell respiration, muscles and connective tissue.
PamperingTime . approx.  30 min  € 45.00   >>> BOOKING

Evening primrose oil cream pack
This rich pack stimulates blood circulation and metabolism. Your skin becomes soft and supple.
PamperingTime . approx.  30 min  € 45.00   >>> BOOKING


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