Restaurant KØKKEN . Keitum . Sylt

In our RESTAURANT KØKKEN we serve the best that the North Sea off Sylt has to offer.
has to offer: Oysters from List, cod, Norway lobster, crab or turbot.
In addition to fresh fish, meat from the region and vegetarian dishes are on the menu.
Chef Lennart Dewies and his team place great emphasis on fresh and healthy cuisine full of
and healthy cuisine full of Nordic flavours.
They have made it their mission to cultivate natural, regional cuisine – fresh, healthy, aromatic.
fresh, healthy, aromatic. They are always on the lookout
for better products and a special way of preparing them, for more enjoyment for a healthier
enjoyment for a healthier life.

In addition, our guests can choose from our extensive wine cellar,
that Claas-Erik Johannsen has built up over the years.

Enjoy an evening with cordial service in a stylish,
relaxed, Frisian-modern atmosphere.

And for your parties & celebrations and conferences in a small circle up to 16 participants
the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF is always the right address.



The 2G+ rule applies throughout the hotel and also when visiting our restaurant KØKKEN in the evening.

And a general mask obligation applies again; wearing FFP2 masks is recommended.

Full vaccination protection is given from the 15th day after the 2nd vaccination (proof with analogue or digital vaccination certificate). Persons are considered to have recovered if their infection occurred at least 28 days (the positive PCR test is considered the cut-off date) and a maximum of 3 months ago (proof with medical certificate). The corresponding proofs must be presented in the original. Persons who, in addition to a complete basic immunisation, have already received a 3rd booster vaccination and can provide proof of this, are exempt from the obligation to test.

Children up to their 7th birthday (without symptoms) do not need any proof. Underage pupils (without symptoms) must prove that they have been tested at school twice a week before arrival (proof with a certificate from the testing institution). Their parents must prove/confirm during the hotel/island stay that their school-age children continue to be tested 2x per week.

The 2G+ rule also applies to external guests / visitors; children up to school age and minors who are regularly tested at school as part of a binding protection concept are exempt from the 2G+ rule.



When visiting our restaurant KØKKEN in the evening, the 2G+ rule applies. Here – this also applies to house guests – a rapid antigen test not older than 24 hours must be presented for each visit – in addition to proof of complete vaccination or recovery. The test obligation does not apply to persons who, in addition to a complete basic immunisation, have already received and can prove a 3rd booster vaccination.

By placing the tables and seating groups, we still ensure a greater distance between the guests.

We are currently serving breakfast for our hotel and holiday domicile guests again without any further restrictions from 8:00 to 13:00; another rapid antigen test does not have to be presented, as only house guests take part. Experience has shown that the busiest time is between 09:30 and 10:30. As far as possible, we kindly ask you to use the time slots before or after this time.

The number of guests at a table is currently limited to 10, with the exception of children up to the age of 14.

The restaurant accepts reservations in the evening between 18:00 and 21:30.

A general closing time for the restaurant and the fireside lounge applies from 23:00. All guests must have left the public areas by this time; no further serving of drinks is permitted. However, it is possible to order drinks to your room before this time.

Please make reservations at the reception or by telephone at +49 . 46 51 . 93 83 365 or by mail Or you can take advantage of the opportunity to book online.

When entering the gastronomic areas, please keep your mask on until you have taken your assigned seats; then remove your mask. Now you can breathe, talk, enjoy. We will take care of you and always provide fresh air. As soon as you rise from your table, please use your mask again.


BREAKFAST  daily 8.00 am – 1.00 pm

KØKKEN  à la Carte . Thursday – Monday . 6.00 – 9.30 pm
01.12.2021 – 04.2022  Tuesday + Wednesday are closed days

We would like to spoil our guests with culinary delights.
We follow the seasons with our cuisine, everything is fresh and delicious.
On our menus you will find creative dishes, innovative in their details, as well as those that are always
as well as those that are always seasonal or offered all year round:
our classics. For our regulars, they are simply part of the package – to KØKKEN and to BØKKEN.
to the KØKKEN and the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF.

Our daily updated menus give our guests an overview of our current ambitions at any time.
can get an overview of our current ambitions at any time.

“Do you want the menu or may we cook for you?”



Celebrate & Meet

Celebrate your wedding, birthdays or other nice occasions in
BENEN-DIKEN-HOF. The RESTAURANT KØKKEN, the adjoining terraces and
large meadows in front of the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF are wonderful places for your events.
Of course you can use our exclusively equipped and
air-conditioned conference room also for your conferences or meetings with
up to 16 participants can use – with fireplace, terrace, buffet room, small kitchen
and everything that modern conference technology offers today.

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One of the culinary highlights at Restaurant Kökken - the traditional Sylt fish menu "Söl Fesk Sinfonii".


culinary highlights – special menus – lasting memories

Experience culinary journeys in our RESTAURANT KØKKEN.
enjoy together with fellow travellers and in a relaxed atmosphere
enjoy our special theme evenings – composed just for you.

When will you be with us?

We are happy to provide you with our take-away catering in your home.



»Afternoon TeaTime« . on Valentine’s Day

Valentine TeaTime

Enjoy your personal TeaTime on Valentine’s Day – the aromas of delicious teas, prepared by our teamaster; accompanied by Frisian-Nordic canapés, savoury and sweet, lovingly arranged. Take your time!

€ 38,00 per person


Start: 15:00 – 18:00



Event + PamperingTimes

VIP Dinner . Verdensballett 2022

Be our star on this evening. Enjoy a 3-course dinner in our restaurant KØKKEN before the open-air ballet performance, take one of the best seats and …

€ 209,00  per person

Start: 5.00 pm

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BENEN-DIKEN-HOF GmbH & Co. KG . Restaurant KØKKEN  Keitumer Süderstraße 3 – 5 . 25980 Sylt . Keitum . Germany
+49 . 46 51 . 93 83 365 . F +49 . 46 51 . 93 83 183 .


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09.01.2022 – 18.02.2022
02.03.2022 – 31.03.2022


4 nights + PamperingTimes

Time for Sylt in spring

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»Afternoon TeaTime« . on Valentine’s Day

Valentine TeaTime