Permanent Make Up

Susann Freund

specially trained linergist according to the Long-Time-Liner method

“Through regular further training I guarantee you cosmetics and pigmentation at the highest level. Professional pigmentation has long since established itself in the cosmetic field. In recent years, it has been further developed and refined, and is now a recognised treatment method in beauty care to highlight natural contours and give everyone a radiant, well-groomed appearance. Conture® Make-Up is the perfection of permanent make-up – far more gentle, natural and precise”.


Eyebrows in hairline drawing
Fine, completely natural hairline pattern and perfect complement or reinforcement for brows that are too thin or missing. Optimizes the shape of your eyebrows.
90 Min  € 550.00  >>> BOOKING

Eye line above . Eye line below
Expressive eyes and a radiant look. Denser eyelashes. Elegant or decorative eyelid line. No more blurring. Completely natural lash line thickening.
Eyeliner . top . 90 Min  € 350.00   >>> BOOKING
Eyeliner . bottom . 90 Min  € 300.00   >>> BOOKING

Lip contours . Lipplight
Natural contours with lip shading. Clean, lasting contours. Individual colour consultation. Completely natural looking lip enhancement. Guaranteed kiss and smudge-proof.
Lip contours with full shading . 120 Min  € 950.00   >>> BOOKING
Lip contour . 90 Min  € 950.00
Lipplight . 60 Min  € 120.00

A detailed consultation is free of charge.
The prices quoted include reworking.

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