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The modern and effective skin care series from PROF. DR. STEINKRAUS is based on the latest scientific findings and effective concepts. The motivation was and is the fascination for naturally beautiful and healthy skin. After 40 years in dermatology, Prof. Dr. For Volker Steinkraus the time has come to combine his expertise, his research spirit and his fascination for the largest human organ in a care line.

Under the motto “Bridging Nature and Science”, Steinkraus combines nourishing and protective active ingredients into a unique active complex called TetCode4®. Since the line is committed to the “Clean Beauty” concept, the added value of this active ingredient care for the skin is secured at both the product and development level. The series is free of perfume, silicone oils, acrylates, microplastics, parabens and mineral oils.

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PROF. DR. STEINKRAUS brand products
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A dermatological professor’s brand made in Germany, based on the TetCode4® active ingredient complex, which combines the best of nature and science in a unified skin care concept – “A Unifying Concept of Skincare”. Formulated from the outset as “Clean Beauty” and with a strong interest in a healthy and sustainable environment, Prof. Dr. Steinkraus with this evidence-based skincare line is openness, honesty and an authentic interest in the skin, coupled with rational pricing.

The skincare line of Prof. Dr. is based on the maxim “Bridging Nature and Science”. Steinkraus for an uncompromising and straightforward skin care line that combines biological phenomena with observations from the laboratory. Those from Prof. Dr. The active ingredient formula TetCode4® developed by Steinkraus combines ingredients from four categories (1) classic vitamins, (2) niacin, (3) botanicals and (4) biomimetics, which have been processed using modern principles in high-quality recipes. TetCode4® is the result of almost four decades of experience in clinical dermatology. The products and their use are clear, simple and conceptually structured and have the aim of improving the structure and function of the skin – A Unifying Concept of Skincare.

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Effective treatment to reduce wrinkles and intensively flood the skin with moisture. Highly concentrated active ingredients such as vitamin C, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide stimulate collagen synthesis, tighten the skin, plump it up and give it radiance. Special massage techniques relax the muscles and lift the contours. The result is radiant and fresh skin.

PamperingTime approx. 90 min . € 170.00 >>> BOOKING

Effective treatment for stressed and irritated skin to activate the skin’s own regeneration and skin health. A finely tuned combination of soothing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid and niacinamide relaxes the skin. In addition, redness is reduced using a specially developed lymph-draining massage technique. The result is a balanced and even complexion.

PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 140.00 >>> BOOKING

Deeply cleansing facial treatment to achieve clear, pore-deep skin and restore the skin’s balance. Mild enzymes, light fruit acids in combination with gentle abrasion exfoliate the skin deeply without irritating it. The skin is then nourished and moisturized with highly concentrated hyaluronic acid. Niacinamide and a soothing mask have an anti-inflammatory and balancing effect.

PamperingTime approx. 60 min . € 140.00 >>> BOOKING

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Effective treatment to reduce wrinkles and intensively infuse the skin with moisture.
The result is radiant and fresh skin.

PamperingTime approx. 90 min . €150.00


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