Historical aerial view from the year 1918.


The history of the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF begins in 1841, when a captain Petersen had a magnificent captain’s house built in the meadows south of the village of Keitum on Sylt. In 1949, the Johannsen family acquired the property, which at that time was used as a farm; Farmer Claas Johannsen took over from his father in 1963. Ten years later, he and his wife Sara, who has a special flair for beautiful things, turn the old stable and barn into a hotel. Easter 1973 saw the opening of the small bed-and-breakfast hotel BENEN-DIKEN-HOF, the courtyard behind the dykes, with just 18 rooms – and a very unique philosophy for the time.

After inspiring trips through Germany and Scandinavia, the Johannsens set four basic rules for their hotel, which are still valid today:

1. A guest must never stand in front of closed doors, he is always warmly welcomed.
2. It’s always cozy and warm in the hotel.
3. The light must always be on.
4. Breakfast is served until one o’clock in the afternoon.

With their farm, the Johannsens run one of the first hotels in Keitum. The small Sylt village is only just being discovered, tourism took place in Kampen and in Westerland in the 1970s. The BENEN-DIKEN-HOF becomes famous for its warm, unaffected hospitality. The Johannsens are hoteliers with heart, self-taught people full of inquisitive enthusiasm for the new.

While Sara Johannsen gives every room in the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF a very special ambience, Claas Johannsen stands in the bar in the evenings chatting and discussing with the guests. You want to be an ‘island on the island’. And this island is growing. Plots of land in the immediate vicinity will be added, on which more houses will be built. First the KapitänsHüs, then the NorderHüs, later the WesterHüs, DikHüs and SüderHüs are built on a good 20,000 square meters. 18 rooms become 40. A special attraction from day one is a heated 8x4m swimming pool and a small wellness area.

In 1996, Claas Johannsen passed on his enthusiasm for the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF and its guests to his son Claas-Erik, who took over the hotel with his wife Anja. The next generation carefully continues the history of the house, contributing their ideas and experiences without changing the character of the courtyard. With good taste and attention to detail, Anja and Claas-Erik Johannsen begin to renovate room by room, a larger, modern swimming pool is built, as well as extensive wellness and beauty areas. Behind the WesterHüs they are building the TerpHüs, in which guests with up to 16 people can also meet or celebrate. The BENEN-DIKEN-HOF will also have a restaurant, which is initially only available to house guests and later develops into a popular fish restaurant with an impressive wine cellar as the RESTAURANT KØKKEN.

The most recent expansion took place in 2013: SenHüs and LönHüs were built on one of the two meadows in front of KapitänsHüs, with an underground central heating plant in between for the entire hotel complex. The entire SPA area – from now on WOLKENLÖN SPA – under KapitänsHüs, WesterHüs and NorderHüs will be renewed and expanded to 700 square meters; a milon® circuit and a modern swimming pool with a surface of 75 square meters are added. The hotel’s offer of rooms, suites and apartments will be 50 units in 2023.

At the same time, the HOLIDAY DOMIZILE area is growing, with more than 50 units – exclusive houses and apartments – which is now an integral part of what’s happening on the farm. It offers the owners of holiday homes in Keitum the opportunity to rent out their property in reliable, demanding hands. Anja Johannsen played a key role in the development of this business area, which attractively expands the hotel’s range of services. What is unusual about this constellation for Keitum and all of Sylt: The guests of the FERIEN DOMIZILE can optionally use the general services of the hotel: the now famous late riser breakfast, the RESTAURANT KØKKEN in the evening, the wellness area with swimming pool and sauna, the fitness area with its milon® circuit and the WOLKENLÖN SPA with a wide range of massage offers, many treatments and its beauty – provided that you register in good time.

On Sylt today there are countless hotels and guesthouses, but only few originals like the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF, which has remained an ‘island on the island’. Even if Sylt is sometimes turbulent or hectic – those who want to retreat will find their place here. The people at BENEN-DIKEN-HOF keep their traditions alive, but at the same time offer enough space for new things and maintain a balance between modern service and warm hospitality.

On April 16, 2023, the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF will celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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