Classical medical massages

Classical massage
Improves blood circulation in the skin, relaxes muscles, supports the removal of tissue waste products and has a prophylactic effect in migraine
PamperingTime . approx. 50 min  € 85.00   >>> BOOKING
PamperingTime . approx. 25 min  € 49.00   >>> BOOKING

Functional massage
Special muscle-oriented massage technique that stretches the muscle and simultaneously moves the affected joint.
PamperingTime . approx. 50 min  € 89.00   >>> BOOKING

Trigger point massage
Tense or cramped muscles all too often cause unpleasant pain.
Trigger point massage relieves them, blockages are released.
PamperingTime . approx. 25 min  € 55.00   >>> BOOKING

Foot reflexology massage
The foot reflex zone massage offers the body impulses for self-healing. It supports and stimulates the regulation of organic dysfunctions – such as metabolic disorders, intestinal sluggishness, irritations – and is successfully used to reduce pain.
PamperingTime . approx. 25 min  € 49.00   >>> BOOKING

Golf Massage
This massage to improve mobility in the shoulder and hip area especially for golfers includes a treatment concept of muscle and joint relaxation through massage and, if necessary, the use of KinesioTape. Through this treatment you increase your vitality – not only for golf.
PamperingTime . approx. 75 min  € 115.00   >>> BOOKING

Lymph drainage
Lymphatic drainage should be given once in a while. It is successfully used to reduce swelling in the tissue – e.g. after operations, venous weakness or trauma -, to purify, to improve the appearance of the skin – face and connective tissue – and to reduce chronic irritation.
PamperingTime . approx. 50 min  € 95.00   >>> BOOKING
PamperingTime . approx. 25 min  € 55.00   >>> BOOKING

Fascia treatment
This treatment loosens adhesions and twists in the tissues that cause pain and provides more mobility and improved posture.
PamperingTime . approx. 25 min  € 55,00   >>> BOOKING
PamperingTime . approx. 50 min  € 95,00   >>> BOOKING

Hot roll . Deep heat treatment
This warm and humid application simply does you good. It is ideally suited to relieving muscle blockages and respiratory spasms – also in combination with a classic massage.
PamperingTime . approx. 15 min  € 20.00   >>> BOOKING

Kinesio- and Lymph-Taping
Kinesio-Taping refers to a therapeutic procedure in which adhesive tapes or bandages are used that are stretchable to allow movement. It is precisely this movement that has the therapeutic healing effect.
from 15 min   € 25.00
from 30 min   € 50.00

Lymph Taping
Lymph taping refers to the activation of the lymph vessels close to the skin by moving them in the skin/subcutaneous area. The lymph is transported along the taping strip to the nearest lymph nodes.
from 15 min  € 25.00

Dorn-Breuss method
The spinal therapy according to Dorn-Breuss was developed by combining the Dorn’s method and the spinal massage according to Breuss. In this method, individual vertebrae of the spinal column, pelvis and sacrum are gently pushed into their original position in case of malpositions. The method according to Dorn-Breuss is a gentle, effective therapy that also incorporates elements of traditional medicine.
Dorn Method . from 60 min  € 89.00   >>> BOOKING
Breuss Massage . from 25 min  € 55.00   >>> BOOKING

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