7 or 14 Overnight stays

7 for 6 or 14 for 12


08.01. – 24.03.2023

7 for 6 or 14 for 12 Overnight stays

In the cold season the island comes to rest, people spend more time in the warmth of their houses, enjoying their cosiness. But the winter on Sylt also brings with it many beautiful days every year, days on which it is worthwhile to explore the beauty of the island landscape with blue skies and light wind. Sylt in winter is different, is quieter and more relaxed, makes you happy in a very special way. Come to us and experience this wonderful island happiness.

And to make your stay with us on the island even more attractive for you, we will give you one or even two of these island days as a gift when you book one of our HOLIDAY HOMES.


This offer is valid for a stay of
at least 7 or 14 Overnight stays in the periods

08.01. – 24.03.2023

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You only pay for 6 instead of 7 or 12 instead of 14 nights.

Our arrangements cannot be combined with each other.

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