Wolfgang Lamché


04/15 – 11/24/2023

Wolfgang Lamché  His modern works, his abstract stainless steel objects and bronzes impressively document that he is both a nature lover and an esthete. For him, the seemingly extremely different works are not a contradiction in terms, but the result of two different sources of energy from which he draws. His credo: Those who master the naturalistic can also convey abstraction aesthetically through reduction. There are probably only a few artists who, like Lamché, work in two such different genres and are equally successful in both. Ingeniously simple in form – not infrequently weighing tons – yet elegant, graceful and almost lively, his works of art set unmistakable accents in front of or in company buildings, in public or private areas. It is the fascination of the noble materials bronze, stainless steel and titanium, the calculated use of light and reflection, the play with perspectives that fascinate Lamché again and again. His works of art are created in his head. He only needs a few sketches. The concrete implementation is his determination. In addition to his pronounced artistic talent, Lamché also has the professional, technical and organizational skills that are needed to turn his ideas into real art. He also proves a lucky hand in spreading his art, which may also be due to his open and uncomplicated personality. Exhibitions all over the world – be it in Montreal, New York, Hong Kong or in many European cities – and customers all over the world are an indication of the quality of his art. It is not without reason that the names Henry Moore, Max Bill and Berrocal are associated with his work. As with many freelancers, Wolfgang Lamche also has a strong woman at his side who supports and supports him, who brings life into harmony with an artist and his family. Art fills his life, but there is still enough space for his family and his varied hobbies.


Wolfgang Lamché . CRITTERS

For the vernissage on
Saturday April 15, 2023, 4:30 pm,
we cordially invite you.

Wolfgang Lamché does not call his animal bronzes disrespectfully but rather affectionately “critters”. Even after 30 years, it always gives him “animal” pleasure to capture the creatures of nature in their species-specific charisma in bronze. Whether life-size or en miniature – he draws from the full, is himself a creator. The modeling of animals requires intensive study of the respective species and their anatomy, as well as close observation of behavioral patterns and movement sequences. Thanks to the specific artistic style of Wolfgang Lamché, his demanding works are then created. In the history of sculpture – from antiquity to the present day – there have always been examples of renowned artists who from time to time leave their preferred stylistic paths and turn to lifelike animal sculptures. They often astonish critics and delight viewers all over the world. Wolfgang Lamche has modeled more than 170 animal bronzes in his studio with his long-time collaborator Bea Wiesner. They are cast in bronze in strictly limited editions in proven art foundries using sand casting, ceramic or lost wax methods. In the house, garden and everywhere where people are, his animal sculptures set attractive accents of increasing value.

Wolfgang Lamché
59320 Ennigerloh
Ostenfelder Straße 32

+49 . 25 24 . 75 00

Wolfgang Lamché . Sculptor
born 1947 in Hamm / Westphalia
1964–1966 . Freelance work in an advertising agency
1966 . High-school diploma
1968-1969 . Studied business administration at the Westphalian Wilhelms University in Münster
1970-1972 . Apprenticeship as a stone sculptor, participation in “Young Crafts” competitions, first sculptures
1974 . Master’s examination as a stone sculptor, sculptures in bronze and aluminium
1978 . first experiments and objects in stainless steel

Kersten . Brunnthal & München
Anna Ning . Fine Art . Hang Kong

Permanent Exhibitions
Benen-Diken-Hof, Sylt . Keitum, Hotel Achterdiek, Juist, Hof zur Linde, Münster/Handorf, Bellevue San Lorenzo, Malcesine, Lago di Garda

Exhibitions, competitions and commissioned works
Aachen, Hamm, Berlin, Orleans, Zweibrücken, Wiesbaden, Bonn, Norderney, Juist, Keitum/Sylt, Düsseldorf, Rottach-Egern, Oelde, Lissabon, Hannover, Bad Pyrmont, Amsterdam, Paris, Göteborg, Hamburg, Riad, Mailand, Warendorf, Brüssel, Los Angeles, Seoul, Essen, Dschidda, Chateau Lontzen, Malcesine, 1 ew York, Porto Cervo, Sardinien, Münster, Como, Toronto, Montreal, Herten, Siena, Frankfurt, Luxemburg, Rüthen, Hongkong, Abu Dhabi, Essen, Schloss Hof / Wien, FEI Equestrian World Games, Lexington/Kentucky, MaxiPark Hamm, Uniklinikum Greifswald u.v.a.m.

Clients . i.a.
Deutsche Lufthansa; Siemens; M-tec; IOC; EXPO 2000; LVA Westfalen; Bundespostministerium; Bundesanstalt für Arbeit, Nürnberg; Kilbees Farm, GB; Probst GmbH, Oelde; Edding AG; FN, Warendorf; Hofgut Rosenau, Dreieich; Sparkasse, Warendorf; Craemer GmbH, Herzebrock; Fried. Krupp, H.Gautzsch, Münster; Hoesch-Krupp, Essen; IHK zu Münster; Volksbank, Warendorf; Fiege, Greven; Winkelmann Group, Ahlen; Hammelmann, Oelde; Ennerfeld, Stockholm; Emsländische Volksbank, Meppen; Claas, Harsewinkel; Creutz & Partners, Luxemburg; Thyssen-Krupp, Essen, Sparkasse Warstein-Rüthen ; Swarowski, A-Wattens; Commerzbank, Frankfurt; LEG NRW; Wirtschaftsvereinigung Stahl, Düsseldorf; NRW-Landesvertretung, Berlin; Essen, Weststadt; Kaldewei, Ahlen; Linsenhoff, Kronberg; Apothekerkammer Westfalen-Lippe, Münster; Volksbank, Ennigerloh; Piaffe Performance, New Jersey, USA, D.Johnson, Albany, Australien; Kraftverkehr Nagel, Versmold; Rippelt, Clarholz; OOKR, Warendorf; Gebr. Schmid, Zhuhai/Südchina; H&E Reine1t, Versmold ; Volksbank, Gütersloh; Gerry Weber, Halle/Westf.; Berkeley Group, London; B.Becker, New York; Klinke, Neuenrade; MontanStahl GmbH, Oelde; Uni-Klinik, Münster; Chang Sung Group, Seoul, Korea; AGCO, Marktoberdorf; Delta Business Service, Warstein; Max-Theurer, Österreich; Gamblethorpe Farm, Leeds, UK, R.Johnstone, New Zealand, Kath. Gemeinde, Juist; Tennispark Versmold; Collin Group, Essen; Deutsche Finetrading AG, Ladbergen u.v.a.


04/15 – 11/24/2023

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