Birgitt Verbeek
Time Travel


16.04. – 03.11.2023

Birgitt Verbeek . TIME TRAVEL

On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the BENEN-DIKEN-HOF, Birgitt Verbeek shows 45 pictures – each one describes a journey.

For the vernissage on
Wednesday April 19, 2023, 4:30 pm,
we cordially invite you.

We are all travelers.
There is no standstill on our journey.
Recurring encounters that lead us into the past, present and future.

I show my encounters with people and nature in different pictorial worlds.
My pictures tell stories – stories about my roots, about my love for water, about the importance of family and friends, about my experiences, about luck and courage, about my mistakes, about wishes and hopes.

And from my knowledge:
that life is fragile, precious and unpredictable and every day a gift, not to be taken for granted and not a right.

Bridget Verbeek
Jägerstr. 20
41564 Karst

+49 . 172 . 202 33 55


Is Birgitt Verbeek a huntress?
In terms of ideas, themes, dreams, certainly.
In her art, however, she is a total collector.

As a collector of impressions and memories, traces of which she captures in her pictures and objects.
As a collector of found objects, which for her are always a piece from the great book of life, i.e. material for stories integrated into new contexts.

The artist is spirited, lively and actually, as she admits, works best under pressure and she compares the addiction to painting with the desire for chocolate. So painting is not only pressure, but also intoxication. It inspires you and drives you forward.

Dr. Heribert Brinkmann, art historian, author. abstract


In Birgitt Verbeek, the person and the artist are of one piece. She always has her art on her mind, does extensive research, captures her thoughts on tape, collects things she thinks she will one day use in the studio.
Verbeek’s strength lies undoubtedly in painting. She can use nuances to express how much one person differs from another.
With her multi-layered compositions, the expressive structures and the visible power of her intensive colors, she fills her pictures with life.

Helga Bittner, RP/NGZ/culture editors. abstract

Birgitt Verbeek . Painting, object and collage
since 1998 . freelance as an artist
1991-2002 . Free and independent study of art / art history
seminars . workshops . Summer academies etc.
Professor Klaus Kowalsky / Switzerland

– Verein Düsseldorfer Künstlerinnen
– Künstlerverein Malkasten . Düsseldorf

Works in public and private ownership
– Berlin . Federal Ministry of Health
– Berlin . Konrad-Adenauer-House
– Bonn . Telekom
– Düsseldorf . Mannesmann
– Düsseldorf . City of Düsseldorf
– Düsseldorf . Vodafone
– Essen . RST- Art collection Essen
– Kaarst . Stadtsparkasse
– Korschenbroich . Deutsche Bank
– Münster/Osnabrück . Hugo+Heinz Fiege . Art collection
– Neuss . Sparkasse
– Neuss . City of Neuss
– Michael Schumacher . Weber-Agency

– United Kingdom
– France
– Spain
– Cyprus


16.04. – 03.11.2023

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